Can’t buy a Lumia 900? It might not be because they’re sold out

Can’t buy a Lumia 900? It might not be because they’re sold out

If you head to an AT&T store, and can’t get your hands on a Lumia 900, they might not be sold out. In fact, they might not have sold at all. A bug in the code has caused the handsets to have data issues relating to their LTE service. Noting this, Nokia has a plan.

As selling more handsets with issues isn’t that good an idea, the company is, according to WMPowerUser, pulling stock to fix the handset’s firmware: “Apparently Nokia and AT&T are pulling the Lumia 900 of stock shelves and returning it to Nokia to be flashed with the new, LTE-bug free firmware.”

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According to the same sources, the process will take between three and five days. Now, you can still buy one online, as it is child’s play to wait and only send out handsets that have the correct software. But in stores, the process is a bit more tricky.

Obviously, this will curtail Lumia 900 sales, by making them unavailable right after the launch, which is hardly good, but to continue selling a borked product would have been even worse. It’s bitter medicine, but Nokia is doing it right, in this case.

Let us know in the comments: If you have picked up a Lumia 900, what was your sales experience like?

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