Nokia’s coming camera-focused handset could be a Windows Phone device

Nokia’s coming camera-focused handset could be a Windows Phone device

Yesterday we caught wind of a rather interesting video, a short Nokia clip that promised a new handset with a sharp camera, to be announced on February 27th. Of course, that is the opening day of the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

Today, a tweet has caught the eye of the Windows Phone developer and enthusiast community, even reaching its covering publications. The tweet itself is rather innocuous, simply stating “Now we are talking! Can’t wait to see this: Pure View NOKIA. #Nokia.” However, who sent it is what matters: the tweet was crafted by the Windows Phone lead of Finland.

In short, a Windows Phone guru is both hot and bothered by the forthcoming handset. The obvious take? The device is a Windows Phone unit. A bit of a stretch? Perhaps, but we know that the phone is coming, and this is a workable flag that the unit is likely a Windows Phone handset; why else would a Windows Phone lead be so excited by its coming?

Even more, Nokia is Finnish. This man is the Windows Phone lead of Finland. We don’t think that it is too off base to guess that he might have a contact or two that may have let him in on some information.

Now, we could be flat wrong, but we are expecting Nokia to release two Windows Phone handsets at Mobile World Congress, among a fleet of six new phones. Our best guess is that one of the Windows Phone handsets will a camera function without compare.

Check the video:

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