Mobile ads exploded in the last year, with Apple up 981% and Android up 759%

Mobile ads exploded in the last year, with Apple up 981% and Android up 759%

Everyone knows that the future of our computers is mobile, just ask. But sometimes it takes a year’s worth of numbers to demonstrate dramatically just how huge our use of mobile gadgets has become. The numbers in the graphic below show off a year’s worth of growth, from the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to this year’s conference.

The data was gathered by mobile advertising company inneractive, who works with over 100 ad networks to incorporate ads on all of the major platforms. The stats used to create the chart were based on the data inside the company and the growth that it saw in all regions and on all platforms. A sort of ‘state of the union’ of mobile ad growth.

Because ads are served on almost all ad platforms and are carefully monitored, they’re often used to chart the growth of mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, which both saw enormous increases of 981% and 759% respectively across inneractive’s network.

North America saw the biggest boost in mobile ad serves and Europe came in second, but the surprise was Africa with a 4th place slot. The Internet is still a foreign concept across much of that continent, even though the users who do have access to the mobile web tend to use Facebook more than almost anywhere else.

Yes, we all know that this segment is growing, but it’s kind of nuts to see it presented in this kind of encapsulated way.

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