Samsung-backed open-source mobile OS Tizen leaks in new screenshots

Samsung-backed open-source mobile OS Tizen leaks in new screenshots

Tizen, a new open-source operating system backed by Intel, Samsung and a number of other smartphone manufacturers, has leaked in a number of new screenshots, providing a first look at the new platform that will power new smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and in-car devices.

SAMMobile leaked the screenshots, noting that they are taken from the leaked Tizen SDK, which is an early alpha build and not ready for release until later in the first quarter. One of the screenshots also notes a Samsung I9500 user agent, suggesting that the OS will debut on a new Samsung device in the coming months.

The look and feel of Tizen has a remarkable similarity to both MeeGo and Bada, operating systems that have been developed by Intel (and formerly Nokia) and Samsung respectively.

MeeGo was put on deathwatch the minute Nokia announced that it was to invest heavily in Microsoft’s Windows Phone ecosystem. The company did release one MeeGo-powered device, the Nokia N9 – which launched to favourable reviews – but the company distanced itself from development of the platform as it looked to solidify its smartphone presence with the backing of Microsoft.

The new project is hosted by the Linux Foundation and is jointly-created by Intel and Samsung. Both Asustek and Acer have reportedly joined the project, with HTC said to be “evaluating its decision” back in September.

With Mobile World Congress commencing next month, Samsung and Intel could deliver updates on the platform’s progress and showcase new devices ahead of their launch. We will of course bring you updates as soon as they happen.

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