Leaked image confirms the Nokia Ace, tosses cold water on the Lumia 900

Leaked image confirms the Nokia Ace, tosses cold water on the Lumia 900

We only just learned the structure and format of the forthcoming introduction of LTE Windows Phone handsets to the US market, but confirmation is already surfacing. According to an image found by PocketNow, the newly hot Nokia Ace is now all but a done deal.

However the image is raising eyebrows around the larger Windows Phone community, with some calling it the Lumia 900. And here we hit darker waters. There have been more than a grip of rumors and leaks concerning what may or may not be the Lumia 900, which were all overshadowed when the Ace was made known as the Nokia LTE handset for the United States.

Before we get any further, here is the image:

There had been other rumors in the past that Nokia was trying to land an LTE version of the Lumia 800 on AT&T. The Ace is heading to AT&T. It looks much like the Lumia 800, with just a few ticks that are different (including a front facing camera), so we wonder, and this is just a thought, that the Lumia 900 is the Ace, which is really just a modified Lumia 800.

This explains why people thought that Nokia was trying to land the Lumia 800 in the ‘States, but instead we got the Ace; it was the same phone all along with some very funny mixups. This isn’t gospel, but it is our best guess for the moment.

Now we just have to sit tight for the upcoming Nokia event at CES. Get the popcorn.

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