HP will decide the future of webOS today. Place your bets now.

HP will decide the future of webOS today. Place your bets now.

Having said that HP would announce plans for its stricken webOS platform “within the next two weeks”, HP CEO Meg Whitman has reportedly called for an all-hands company meeting scheduled for today at 10:30am PDT to finally decide its fate.

PreCentral received word of the company meeting, which has been a long time coming since Whitman assumed the role of CEO at HP and was tasked with reversing its fortunes.

When the company shuttered its mobile hardware division and ceased production of its Pre smartphones and TouchPad tablets, it was assumed that the company would sell its mobile platform and push ahead with its computer business. However, with a TouchPad firesale reviving interest in the device, the technology giant has been forced to reassess its webOS optionsand today could be the day where it either lives to fight another day or the company writes-off its multi-billion dollar Palm purchase.

Whitman, who replaced former executive Leo Apotheker, recently admitted in an internal meeting that the company was still in a state of flux, stating that it didn’t “know what kind of company HP [was]” and that it was “still figuring that out.” One of her first decisions was to take back control of HP’s PC division, after the company had previously announced that it would move deeper into the enterprise.

Whitman is expected to discuss HP’s mobile options with the webOS Global Business Unit later today, meaning we could see a formal announcement made very soon.

What do you think will happen to the HP webOS unit? Place your bets now!


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