US court ruling forces RIM to rename BBX to BlackBerry 10

US court ruling forces RIM to rename BBX to BlackBerry 10

RIM has renamed its new BBX operating system as BlackBerry 10 after a US court granted a temporary restraining order against the company, leaving it unable to use the term due to trademark infringement, according to CrackBerry.

In response to the Albuquerque court’s decision, the Canadian firm has renamed the product after infringing the BBX trademark held by software firm Basis.

RIM has confirmed the change of name through the following tweet from its developer relations team’s Twitter account:

#BBDevCon Asia Keynote: BlackBerry 10 is the official name of the next generation platform that will power future BlackBerry smartphones!^BZ

The company is placing considerable emphasis on the new operating system as it looks arrest a worrying slide in market share. BBX BlackBerry 10 is also key to future of the PlayBook which has struggled to make an impact against the iPad and a host of Android-based tablets.

RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis discussed the operating system at a developer conference in October, revealing that it would unify all BlackBerry and QNX platforms. The operating system features 100 standard libraries, supports porting of open-source libraries and is a 50/50 mix of native and HTML5 environments.

RIM is currently running its Asia developer conference in Singapore today, where it has been forced to change all references to BBX.

News of the name change comes just days after RIM found itself in hot water with authorities in Indonesia who are investigating the handling of a recent BlackBerry launch that turned violent. The police are in discussions with outgoing head of the company in Indonesia who might yet face jail time.

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