Amazon invests in Foxit to boost PDF support in Kindle devices and apps

Amazon invests in Foxit to boost PDF support in Kindle devices and apps

Major online retailer Amazon has invested in Foxit Corporation, announcing today that it will work with the company to build out PDF support in its Kindle devices and also its Kindle reading applications.

Whilst PDF’s have been supported by Kindle devices, Amazon hopes that by working with Foxit it will be able to “make the customer experience for PDFs on Kindle even better”, by delivering high-quality rendering with no loss of quality or consistency.

The statement reads:, Inc. has made an investment in the company, and will be working with Amazon to support PDF reading in Kindle devices and free Kindle reading apps. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

As part of its Kindle experience, Amazon has offered users the opportunity to send PDF devices to their readers using their email addresses. To ensure a consistent experience, Amazon also provides a service which can convert PDF documents to Kindle format, simply by typing “Convert” in the subject of the e-mail when they submit their personal document to their address.

The announcement is likely to see Foxit work to boost PDF rendering and annotation features on the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s Android-based tablet device. By outfitting the Kindle Fire with powerful PDF features, users may be able to edit documents, annotate existing files and share changes with other Kindle Fire owners.

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