The Nexus One too old to get Ice Cream Sandwich, Nexus S will in ‘weeks’

The Nexus One too old to get Ice Cream Sandwich, Nexus S will in ‘weeks’

Although Google’s Nexus One handset is under two years old, it will not get an update to the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, reports The Telegraph. The Nexus S, last year’s Android flagship device, will get it ‘within weeks’.

The fact that the Nexus S will get the update isn’t that surprising, as it is the most recent of Google’s Nexus phones aside from the Galaxy and it is also made by Samsung.

The Nexus One not getting the update is a bit more confusing though. This is a device that is less than 2 years old and was marketed as the best Android phone you could buy at the time. It seems odd for it not to get an OS update that, while a nice refresh, is not re-written from the ground up or changed drastically in architecture.

Hugo Barra of Google said that the Nexus One’s hardware is just too old to run Android 4.0.

Comparatively, Apple’s iPhone 3GS, released in July of 2009, was just updated to the company’s latest iOS 5 release on October 12th.

Samsung and Google just announced the Android 4.0 OS alongside the Galaxy Nexus phone, the latest in its line of ‘template’ phones that it creates with a chosen manufacturer each year. The Nexus S will come pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can take a closer look at the Galaxy Nexus here in our hands-on gallery and you can watch the presentation here if you missed it.

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