Verizon unlimited data dead on July 7th, tiered pricing set

Verizon unlimited data dead on July 7th, tiered pricing set

Verizon has confirmed that unlimited data transfer plans on the carrier are going away on July 7th, reports FierceWireless. While Verizon has been intimating that unlimited data would be going away since the iPhone 4 came to the network earlier this year, a spokesperson has now confirmed that as of July 7th, new customers will no longer have that option.

The unlimited plan will be replaced by four tiers of pricing that offer various amounts of data from 75MB up to 10GB.

  • 75MB for $10
  • 2GB for $30
  • 5GB for $50
  • 10GB for $80

If you want to tether your phone to share its data connection, you’re looking at an additional $20 per month. You’ll get an additional 2GB along with a tethering plan. Unlimited users will need to cough up $30 for tethering, which seems pretty rough.

If you’re currently an unlimited data customer, you will be able to keep your existing plan, at least for now.

The Verizon plans seem fairly similar to the ones available from AT&T, although the larger data plans are nice. I’m currently on the 2GB plan with AT&T, having given up my unlimited data for on-device tethering. I’ve hit 60% data usage for the last two months running due to a lot of traveling. I would love to see a 5GB and 10GB plan for those high-use months.

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