Ribblet helps you discover mobile apps socially

Ribblet helps you discover mobile apps socially

Ribblet is a new Reddit-style web app that helps you discover new apps for your Android or iOS phone socially.

I don’t know about the Android app market, but the iOS App Store doesn’t have a user interface that makes discovery a breeze. Sure, there are featured apps on the main pages of the store which sometimes comes in handy for learning about a new app, but really being able to dig in and discover things yourself? Possible, but painful, with one of the most annoying user experience designs I know of.

Ribblet is a new bootstrapped web app from Australian developer Mark Biegel that makes finding great new software for your mobile device a breeze. People can submit comments and give their thoughts on apps and vote them up and down, Reddit-style.

If you discover users whose comments you find yourself agreeing with regularly, you can click through to their profile and find out what else they’ve been trying that’s likely to be of interest to you.

While the site doesn’t quite have the design polish that the official store does, it’s easier to find new things to try out based on social recommendations, and that’s a big deal.

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