Photos disappearing from your Nexus S? It’s not just you

Photos disappearing from your Nexus S? It’s not just you

If you’ve found that photos are mysteriously disappearing from your Google Nexus S, you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t just you. But that’s about all the good news we have for you.

A Sprint spokesperson is reported to have said that a small number of Nexus S 4G users have made complaints that photos taken on their phones are randomly disappearing. She added that while Google, Sprint and Samsung were looking into those complaints. Some of these include users reporting that they have lost up to 500 photos.

While all three companies trying to figure out what is causing pictures to be randomly deleted from Google Nexus S handsets, the reality is that they have no clue where to start. In fact, Google goes so far as to say that since the flaw can’t be reproduced, they can’t investigate it.

The problem isn’t just limited to Sprint handsets. Users in the UK have been complaining about this glitch as well, so it clearly isn’t a carrier-specific problem. AT&T, on the other hand, hasn’t received any complaints about mysteriously disappearing photographs. Users themselves can’t seem to spot a pattern as to when or how the photos are being deleted, and the bad news, neither can Google or Samsung.

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