Samsung Vows To Fight Apple Patent Suit, Considers Counterclaim

Samsung Vows To Fight Apple Patent Suit, Considers Counterclaim

Just hours after it emerged Apple had filed a patent suit against its smartphone rival Samsung, the Korean electronics giant has said that it will fight the Cupertino-based company, possibly filing a counterclaim itself.

Apple is suing Samsung, stating that Samsung has willfully violated patents, committed trademark infringement and exercised unfair competition with its Galaxy line of phones and tablets.

Speaking to Yonhap News, Samsung spokesman Chung Jae-woong responded to Apple’s complaints:

“We think Apple has violated our patents in communications standards. We are considering a counterclaim.”

A spokesman for Apple had said that Samsung’s latest products were incredibly similar to the iPhone and iPad, from shape of the hardware to the user interface, moving to note that Samsung had even copied how Apple packaged its products. Apple believes Samsung’s “blantant copying is wrong” and it needs to “protect [its] intellectual property when companies steal [its] ideas”.

Mr Chung declined to comment on which products allegedly violated Samsung’s wireless technology patents but said the company would proceed with a lawsuit after a “careful review”.

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