T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, Hands-On [Video]

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, Hands-On [Video]

A few years ago, you either owned a BlackBerry or you owned a Sidekick. Sadly, the Sidekick lost out in the “smart”phone race, as it just wasn’t quite smart enough. But now, Samsung is bringing back the Sidekick, still on T-Mobile, with 4G to boot.

I got a chance to play with the new Samsung Sidekick and I have to say that I’m really impressed. Not only does it feel like it’s built exceptionally well, it’s also a really nice implementation of the Android OS. Though a representative from Samsung tells me that the OS isn’t completely finished just yet, the Android 2.2.1 port is looking really good thus far.

Of course, there’s always now the question of the intelligence in purchasing a T-Mo phone with a possible AT&T acquisition in the wings, but it’s a risk you might be willing to take.

Pricing on the Sidekick? That’s the best part. $99, after a $50 rebate and it will have an unlimited data plan. If you opt for a lower data plan, you’ll need to pay $150 for the device, but that’s a choice only you can make.

Group texting, Samsung’s media hub and a full QWERTY are standard on the new device and it should be a great option for people who don’t need flash, but love to keep in touch.

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