The Nexus S appears to be heading to Sprint “soon”

The Nexus S appears to be heading to Sprint “soon”

If you’ve been waiting for a CDMA version of the Google/Samsung Nexus S, you might be in luck. It seems that Sprint has a page in the works for the phone, though all we’re being told is that the page is “coming soon”.

Of course that means that it’s time to start the speculation. Obviously, if the phone is moving to Sprint it’s going to be a CDMA version. What we don’t know is whether it will contain the 4G/WiMax function (the GSM Nexus S is 3G-only) or whether we’ll be able to purchase the device unlocked to use with Verizon’s network.

Rumors about the Nexus coming to Sprint have been spreading pretty wide as of late. Engadget thinks that we will see the phone drop at CTIA t0ward the latter part of the month and we wouldn’t really be surprised if it were true. In the mean time, keep refreshing the page every few days, and keep an eye on TNW Mobile for the full story once it drops.

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