Motorola XOOM Gets Overclocked To 1.5GHz

Motorola XOOM Gets Overclocked To 1.5GHz

The Motorola XOOM is looked upon by many as the only challenger to Apple’s dominance in the tablet market.

It’s the first dual-core Android Honeycomb powered tablet to market that has already received the root treatment but today has been subjected to a few kernel tweeks, overclocking it to run 50% faster than its default setup.

News of the impressive feat comes via the ever-talented members of the XDA-Developers forums, where one of its members coolbho3000 posted that he had managed to overclock the XOOM’s Tegra 2 processor to such an extent, it will more powerful than Nvidia’s recently announced Tegra 2 3D processor.

Instructions are posted on the forum detailing how to overclock the XOOM, requiring a flashed bootloader and root priviledges. As always, we don’t recommend you try modifying your device as it will invalidate your warranty and could brick your device.

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