44% of Brits will use their smartphone to buy gifts this Christmas

44% of Brits will use their smartphone to buy gifts this Christmas

A new study by UK-based smart buying club Glamoo suggests that 44% of Brits will use their mobile phone to buy and send gifts this Christmas.

Sampling 4000 people, the survey found that a third of respondents would use their daily commute to complete a shop for goods and services on their mobile, whilst 42% said they would take advantage of being a passenger in the car to complete their shop.

The growth of mobile shopping has been driven by the adoption of mobile apps but also because smartphone owners are constantly connected to the internet, having deals and offers send to them via email or via a social networking site like Twitter or Facebook.

Glamoo has noticed that there has been a distinct rise in people ordering experiences for friends and family, buying paintballing or spa pampering trips via their mobiles. Glamoo allows users to buy the experience but then gift that purchase to a lucky recipient as an e-gift.

The survey also suggests that more than one in five smartphone owners are already shopping their mobiles at least once a week. As retailers begin to move towards app based shopping and ensuring their websites are mobile-ready, this is only set to increase.

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