300,000 Android Phones Activated a Day

300,000 Android Phones Activated a Day

According to a tweet by Andy Rubin over 300,000 Android phones are being activated each day. That makes for a lot of devices competing with RIM and Apple. Shortly after Andy, Dan Morrill, RTed Andy’s Tweet adding: It’s true, I look at the data daily. It’s inspirational. :).

To put some of this into perspective, analysts predict that Android will eventually control 50% of the market and in the UK Android devices were looking at 350% growth this year. But just two days ago Electronista talked about 214k Android activations a day and in September iOS activations where at 230k a day and Apple was scoffing at Google’s claim of 160k activations that the data was wrong.

Okay, so has a holiday bug given Android devices a jump? Is it possible that in a couple months Android devices could increase in velocity? It’s also interesting that today Mobile Magazine posted that Android devices are huge bandwidth hogs so maybe all these new devices hitting the networks isn’t a good thing. At least, unlike iOS devices in the States, Android devices are spread out over several carriers.

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