First Windows Phone 7 homebrew app emerges, enables custom ringtones

First Windows Phone 7 homebrew app emerges, enables custom ringtones

Chris Walsh, one of the main protagonists behind the rooting and subsequent jailbreaking of Windows Phone 7 devices has today released the first homebrew app for Windows Phone 7 owners, enabling the possibility of adding and setting custom ringtone to their devices.

If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, you will likely have noticed that you are currently unable to set custom ringtones, a feature that is expected to come to the device when Microsoft releases its first major update for its new operating system.

Walsh, or Walshie as he is known online, has created a Windows application that will take up to five WMA files, packages them into a XAP file (the archive files Windows Phone 7 supports) and then allows a “jailbroken” phone to set the tones once they have been deployed on the device.

Using the tool brings with it a major warning, Microsoft has already stated that jailbreaking devices could permanently brick them. Then you have to make sure that not only do you have your device jailbroken, you will need to install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4 Client Profile as well as the Windows Phone 7 developer tools.

If its something you cannot absolutely do without, head over to Chris Walsh’s blog, download the files and perform the necessary instructions.

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