Nokia X7-00 shows up on video for the first time

Nokia X7-00 shows up on video for the first time

Before you feast your eyes on this video, keep in mind that this is just rumored to be Nokia’s latest and greatest device, the X7-00. However, if you’re a betting man or woman, it’d be a safe bet to throw your money on the device in this video being just that.

Here’s what we gather from the video courtesy of Mobile Bulgaria.

The device has four homescreens, meaning it’s not running the current version of Symbian^3 which only supports 3 homescreens. It also apparently has 4 speakers,  an 8 megapixel camera and it runs games very smoothly. Most of the video is a demo of the device running Need for Speed and it looks pretty impressive.

It looks like a pretty slick device and if you’re into the whole Nokia thing, you probably want to give it a quick watch.

What do you guys think?

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