Content Ratings Coming To The Android Market

Content Ratings Coming To The Android Market

One of the top requests from Android users to Google has apparently been one to get more information about the applications available on the Android Market. Well, Google listened and according to a post on Google’s Android Developer blog, content ratings are going to show up on all applications on the Android Market in just a few weeks time.

So, what’s it all about and who does it affect?

Well, Google is saying that the new function is going to supply users more information about software in order for them to make the best selections. Unfortunately, they didn’t elaborate with any information or photo evidence so we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out visually.

Oh, and it’s not only going to affect consumers. No. In fact, it’s going to impact app developers as well.

While the current rating policy for the Market won’t change, developers are going to have to supply some new information when submitting a new app or an update for a current one. And over the next few weeks, current applications will have to be updated as well. If not, well, Google has prepared an interesting policy for devs that don’t adhere to the new rules:

To prepare for this launch, starting next week, developers submitting new or updated applications will be required to include a rating for all applications and games uploaded onto Android Market. In addition, developers will have the next several weeks to add a rating to their existing applications and games. Once content rating is visible to users, any applications or games that do not include a rating will be treated as “Mature”.

So, if you’re the developer of Monkey Kickoff, you probably want to make sure you update your application with a rating as soon as you possibly can.

Or face the wrath of the Goog’s new policy.

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