Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 getting pinch-to-zoom, due in Q1 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 getting pinch-to-zoom, due in Q1 2011

With all of the Sony Ericsson news lately swirling around the rumored AZUS/X12, it’s only right that those with its predecessor get some good news right?

In a post on their blog today, Sony Ericsson has confirmed that they will finally be bringing pinch-to-zoom to the Xperia X10 sometime during Q1 of 2011. For X10 owners on AT&T and in Europe, this news should be welcomed.


First, SE went public and stated that the X10 would never receive multitouch and did so just to clear the air with people who had be championing for it. They said the hardware just couldn’t handle it. Here’s how it apparently went down:

What has happened is that some brilliant engineers actually was able to change the driver and firmware for the touch digitizer to make some multi touch gestures work. We are still working on perfecting the user experience and I will keep you updated as work progresses.

So, a little wizardry.

They are already making it clear that the support is not going to be perfect and it will likely be a little awkward to use however, it will be functional when browsing the internet in the web browser as well as in Google Maps. It will also be usable in third-party applications but again they caution there might be some problems.

Not that any of you care.  You just want to be able to use it right?

For your enjoyment, they also posted a video demoing what’s in store and you can have a peek at pinch-to-zoom in action if you head here.

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