Nokia Confirms N8 ‘Power Management’ Issue

Nokia Confirms N8 ‘Power Management’ Issue

Yesterday we reported that Nokia’s flagship device, the N8, might have some serious hardware problems. Today, Nokia has responded in a blog post to those reports and with a little video from Nokia’s head of sales and marketing, Niklas Savander.

Here is what the blog states:

We have been getting excellent feedback from consumers on the capabilities of the Nokia N8, but in the last couple of days, a very small number of users have reported that their Nokia N8 is not switching on as it should. Product quality is a top priority for Nokia, so we’d like to take this chance to offer you some clarification on the topic.

And their clarification:

Savander says that this ‘power management issue’ is a limited problem and they have taken “immediate action across the product line”. He says that the company has “traced it down to the way we assemble the engines.”.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer any fixes other than to say that if the issue happens to your device, call Nokia Care and that it’s covered by the standard warranty.

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