Samsung’s dual-screen Continuum comes out of hiding.

Samsung’s dual-screen Continuum comes out of hiding.

Well, our dates for the launch weren’t quite right, but our guesses about the device have been dead on. Samsung has just introduced its latest Galaxy S phone, the Continuum. It’s a dual-screen beauty that sports a main 4.3-inch Super AMOLED, then a smaller screen underneath for updates.

What we know about it so far is that it’s typical to the Galaxy S line for Verizon. That means that you won’t see Google features built in and will have Bing instead. The lower display, according to Engadget, can only display Samsung content. While that’s nowhere near a deal-breaker for us, the de-Googled device is still a glaring oversight in our opinion.

The phone, sadly, will ship with Android 2.1 which is a strike against both Verizon and Samsung, from our point of view. It’s simply unfathomable to roll out a high-line device with old software, especially considering that we’re already hearing rumors about Gingerbread pushing to devices.

Though we loved the Fascinate, we had the same gripes. Verizon has been angering a good part of the Android fan base with the the Bing inclusion and we’re willing to bet that the story will ring true with the Continuum as well.

We’re only a couple of days away from a hands-on review of the device, so we’ll let you know our verdict when it lands.

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