Is the iPad a Mobile device? Facebook doesn’t think so

Is the iPad a Mobile device? Facebook doesn’t think so

In response to a question as to the status of the much hoped for Facebook app for iPad, Mark Zuckerberg shot down everyone’s hopes claiming that “the iPad is not mobile, it’s a computer.”

A follow up question was asked, pointing out that Apple thinks that the iPad is mobile. Zuckerberg said, to effect, “well, it’s not, I’m sorry.”

The crowd ate it up. Whatever does this mean? It means that we are not going to see anything specific from Facebook for the iPad in the near future. This will surely bring frowns of disappointment to the millions of iPad owners tired of trying to use Safari for their Facebook fix.

Zuckerberg had one last comment to share: “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be rude to Apple products… but I don’t think the iPad is a mobile device in the way a phone is.”

The Twitter crowd had a single response: oh snap! While we don’t think that Apple will respond, we are dead curious what they are saying behind closed doors.

What do you think, is the iPad a true mobile device?

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