A $99 Android tablet? This has to be too good to be true

A $99 Android tablet? This has to be too good to be true

The internet is full of surprises. Just when we thought that all the tablets in the world that are coming out to compete with Apple’s iPad were going to be overpriced, we found a price competitor, at Walgreens.

Yes, the drugstore is selling (only online) an Android tablet, a 7 incher, for a mere $99.99 plus $4.99 shipping. That is of course if this tablet is for real, something that we are rather doubtful of.

Back to the story, the Maylong 7-inch M-150 WiFi Middie Tablet will set you back a single c-note according to Walgreens’ website, and if you trust the company, has the following features:

  • Google Android™
  • LCD color touch-screen 7-inches
  • Full Internet browsing capability
  • Experience YouTube at your fingertips
  • Easy access to emails
  • Download and play games
  • Includes digital music, video player and digital picture viewer
  • Digital picture frame
  • e-Book reader
  • Download and install custom Google Android™ Applications
  • Easy-to-understand user’s manual

What is not listed is exactly what version of Android it runs, how much storage it has, what processor powers the whole show, or exactly how it can only cost $99.99, and that worries us. What is worse, take a look at the product image below, doesn’t that look somewhat familiar? Just look at its frame:

Yep, that is an iPad frame with a screenshot ‘shopped into it. According to the Walgreens website it will ship in 7 business days. Who else wants to bet that if you buy this thing it will never arrive?

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