Amazing: Your body organs could soon send status updates to your phone

Amazing: Your body organs could soon send status updates to your phone

Welcome to what could be the beginnings of a future where our bodies are connected to the Internet.

It sounds a little alarming, but it this could actually be really useful for many people. A system has been developed to send data about how your body is performing directly to your mobile phone.

The New Scientist today reports on a new system demonstrated this week by Dutch researchers. The Human++ BAN platform allows sensors placed within the body to send readings via a short range radio network to the owner’s phone. From here the data can be forwarded to doctors via a WiFi or 3G data connection. Users can also see the readings on their phone screen, giving them instant updates on how the organ in question is doing.

Although the system was demonstrated with electrocardiogram sensors for the heart, it can reportedly work with sensors for other parts of the body in order to monitor neurological conditions, neuromuscular diseases and more, and to monitor those at risk of developing a condition in the future.

Interestingly, the system could also be used as a tool to help athletes accurately monitor their body’s performance during training.

The system works via a dongle plugged into a phone’s SD card slot and the software for the system takes the form of an Android app.

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