iOS 4.2 To Allow Assignment Of Individual Message Tones?

iOS 4.2 To Allow Assignment Of Individual Message Tones?

9to5Mac have been busy, they have pulled apart the beta of Apple’s iOS 4.2 firmware and have come across some interesting new features that iPhone owners have been campaigning for the longest time.

Early reports, backed up with screenshots, suggest that iPhone owners are finally going to be able to assign an individual message tone to a contact, although we are not sure whether this will also allow owners to set custom tones outside of the default Apple selections.

Also included in the new firmware is the ability to change different sound options, adding the option to change the volume of the ringer and message tones using the volume buttons.

FaceTime has been given a mention in the messaging app, there is now a shortcut to FaceTime at the top of the contacts message screen.

Voice memos have been given a new icon, it looks at the moment that this is the only change to the app.

Parental controls have been added to the iTunes settings, enabling iPhone owners to impose restrictions on the installation or deletion of apps, location, email accounts and also in-app purchases.

YouTube now has a vote up or down function and you will be allowed to search for words within a webpage on Safari.

You can find the screenshots of these new features in the gallery below, thanks again to 9to5Mac.

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