Orange To Integrate App Store Into Nokia’s Ovi Service

Orange To Integrate App Store Into Nokia’s Ovi Service

Just now at Nokia World:

Orange and Nokia have today announced a new strategic partnership that will see a new integrated Ovi service incorporated into Nokia smartphones offered by the mobile carrier.

The deal will allow Orange customers to access more content on their Nokia handsets, integrating its best applications on the Orange Application Shop with existing Ovi content, offering more secure access to a larger range of apps and services whilst delivering a “seamless experience.”

In a bid to create an easier experience for its customers, Orange has worked with Nokia to create a single sign-on on a new range of handsets, allowing for simple registration and quick app purchasing. New customers that purchases devices from the Orange Signature range will be able to browse a wider range of local content and apps sourced from the Orange Developer Community, via the Ovi Store.

Paul Francois Fournier, Executive Vice President, Internet Services, Orange said:

“Orange is always striving to create a great mobile multimedia experience for customers. To be successful, access to content must be simple, seamless and secure. That is why we are extending our partnership with Nokia, combining innovation to create an intelligent platform that brings an enhanced experience to our customers. By joining the best of both worlds and creating this new service, we believe Orange and Nokia together will bring significant benefits to both our customers and developers,”

For simplicity and convenience, customers will be able to buy any app from the Ovi Store on their Orange bill. The combined store, named Ovi Store with Orange, will be accessible by Orange customers in both the UK and France next year.

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