webOS 2.0 APIs, beta SDK and features surface

webOS 2.0 APIs, beta SDK and features surface

Palm/HP has released a beta version of the webOS 2.0 SDK, as well as APIs and a look at a few interface features.

Due out later this year, webOS 2.0, will, according to PreCentral, include these new/improved/re-branded features (as well as most likely many more):

  • Palm’s multitasking ‘card’ metaphor is getting a refresh with Stacks
  • Universal Search is getting majorly beefed up with ‘Quick Actions,’ will be opened to developers, and rebranded as Just Type
  • Apps can have custom Touchstone at-a-glance views with Exhibition
  • Synergy is opening up to developers
  • HTML5 and Javascript support is much improved
  • Hybrid PDK/SDK apps will be fully supported

So “Stacks” will be webOS 2.0’s multi-tasking interface, “Just Type” will be its universal search plus a new “Quick Actions” function that will direct the OS to do tasks, “Synergy” will be will include APIs for devs to create email/contacts/calendar apps, and the new OS will add better HTML5 and JavaScript support. Overall, sounds interesting (especially when you think about it in terms of a HP tablet) and we highly suggest that if you’re really interested you read the entire PreCentral post, which is pretty comprehensive.

Image: PreCentral

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