Angry Birds To Smash Its Way Onto PS3, DS And PSP

Angry Birds To Smash Its Way Onto PS3, DS And PSP

If you either own an iPhone or know somebody that does, the chances are you will have heard of the hit (literally) App Store gem known as Angry Birds.

The games premise is a simple one, you control a flock of “Angry Birds” who are intent on claiming back eggs stolen by some evil pigs. A bird is loaded into a catapult and with the flick of your finger, the bird is sent to cause maximum destruction and eliminate the pigs. The more levels you complete, the harder the pigs are to destroy.

If you don’t own an iPhone and are not interested in waiting for the upcoming Android release of the game, there is some good news. Angry Birds’ co-founder Joe Wee spoke with The Sun and detailed his future plans for the game and said that console owners are about to get a slice of the action stating: “We are also releasing it on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3.”

The download on the iPhone, Angry Birds costs just 59p and $4.99 on the iPad. We imagine pricing would stay low for a console launch and also predict that the game will be available via Xbox Arcade and Playstation Store.

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