Over 3000 Windows Phone 7 Handsets Have Already Been Deployed

Over 3000 Windows Phone 7 Handsets Have Already Been Deployed

As the launch date for Windows Phone 7 creeps ever nearer, the number of Windows Phone 7 handsets making their way to media, Microsoft employees and other assorted analysts has grown significantly in recent months.

Knowing the exact amount of devices there are in the wild would be almost impossible without an official word from Microsoft but if figures from the official Windows Phone 7 Facebook application page are to be believed, there are over 3000 of the devices currently in use.

The Windows Phone 7 Facebook application is the official application that grants the Facebook privileges necessary to initialise the phones social layer. The number of users correlates with how many people have installed that application on their Windows Phone 7 handset.

There has been talk that other developers have initialised the applications by way of the Windows Phone 7 emulator, though it’s unclear of whether the emulator has the ability to do so.

We know that Microsoft intends to give each one of its 88,000 employees a Windows Phone 7 handset but considering its launch date is still around four months away, 3000 phones isn’t something to be ignored. You can bet most of the active users are either prominent Microsoft employees or developers given the phones to create and test their applications on.

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