Apple Launches Official Probe Into iOS4 Slowdowns On iPhone 3G

Apple Launches Official Probe Into iOS4 Slowdowns On iPhone 3G

Apple is to launch an official investigation into reports that the iOS4 operating system is having an adverse affect on older iPhone devices, specifically the iPhone 3G.

The release of iOS4 for all iPhone handsets was intended to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 4, offering new features such as multi-tasking and the ability to customize the device. Users who installed the iOS4 update suddenly found their handsets had become slow, unresponsive and apps would frequently crash.

I have personally experienced a slowdown on my iPhone 3G with my apps crashing upon launch and button presses not being registered, opening the Settings on my iPhone now takes a whopping 7 seconds.

The good news is that iOS 4.1 seems to lift the iOS4 iPhone 3G slowdown curse, as reported by our very own Jacob Friedman. Jacob noted the following when using his iOS 4.1 enabled iPhone:

Apps load much more quickly, text entry is much smoother and the phone no longer slows down beyond the point of usability when more than one browser window is open.

We imagine Apple will pinpoint the update to iOS 4.1 as an overall fix but it does beg the question whether support for older iPhone handsets was a bit of an afterthought.

[Via – WSJ]

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