Apple Begins Automatically Refunding iPhone 4 Bumper Purchases

Apple Begins Automatically Refunding iPhone 4 Bumper Purchases

If you purchased a bumper case for your iPhone 4 before the Antennagate debacle, check your emails and your bank account, for Apple is starting to automatically refund buyers for their iPhone 4 bumper transactions.

Details are thin on the ground but the guys at Engadget managed to grab a copy of one of the said emails, clueing us into what Apple were actually up to. We assumed customers would only get a refund for the bumper cases if Apple had a record of the customer also obtaining an iPhone 4 (would Apple would refund Uncle Joe for his birthday present purchase?).

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Looking at the email, it appears that anyone who bought a bumper is elligble for a refund, charitable indeed:

It’s estimated that the free bumpers will cost Apple upwards of $175 million, a heavy price to pay.

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