[Updated] Verizon To Drop Interest In iPhone And Focus On Android?

[Updated] Verizon To Drop Interest In iPhone And Focus On Android?

According to a rumor report from Droid Life, Verizon corporate employees held a meeting this weekend in which it was decided that, as of today, the company’s new ad campaigns would no longer feature the word Wireless. The new ad campaign will carry the slogan of “Rule the Air!”.

With many assuming Verizon would officially drop the name entirely, Engadget has just clarified the matter posting:

We have it on good authority now that there will be no official name change from Verizon Wireless to Verizon — the only thing that’s changing is the use of new logos that lack the “Wireless” portion of the name.

Apparently at the meeting, some other big news came out.  It was announced that Verizon will officially pull out of the iPhone game and put all of its weight behind the Android platform.

While this piece cannot be confirmed, it would make sense, given what would seem like a recent swing in momentum towards Android.  With new handsets like the EVO 4G and Droid X launching almost monthly and Apple’s well documented reception woes with the iPhone 4, it wouldn’t surprise most people to see the nation’s largest 3G carrier focus all its attention on Android.

How does this sit with you? Would you consider abandoning the iPhone for Android? Have you already? Hit us up the comments.

Update: Bloomberg has just reported, using “two people familiar with the plans,” that Verizon is to start selling the iPhone in January 2011.  This comes in direct conflict with the Droid Life report over the weekend, but, if true, could change the smartphone and wireless game significantly.  Either Verizon has some incredibly confused employees or the internet rumor mill is officially now up and running.  Stay tuned.

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