White iPhone 4 Caught On TV, In London Of All Places

White iPhone 4 Caught On TV, In London Of All Places

The white iPhone 4, you won’t expect to see one of them for a good few weeks, will you?

Not unless you head down to Apple’s UK flagship store in Regent Street, the place is literally crawling with them. Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration but the much sought after handset is spotted on two separate occasions in a 2:09 minute report by Sky News.

9to5mac stumbled across the video, on the 1:23 and 1:31 marks you will quite clearly see a white iPhone 4. Both the guy in the suit (do you think he looks a little out of place?) and the lady interviewee don’t look like they are Apple employees and it’s openly visible on both occasions.

White iPhone 4 handsets aren’t expected to arrive until mid-July, how and why are the devices in the above video?! Conspiracy theories in the comments please.

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