Windows Phone 7 Gets An October Release

Windows Phone 7 Gets An October Release

Although Windows Phone 7 news is quite thin on the ground, the launch date has always remained a mystery.

Touting a Q4 release, Microsoft hasn’t really given too many details as to what date or even which month its mobile operating system will go to market, until now.

Speaking at Cannes Lions advertising conference, Microsoft VP for Marketing Mich Mathews said the following when she introduced her colleague Kostas Mallios, GM of Live Labs’:

“I’m gonna ask rock star Kostas… to come on. And Kostas has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October,”

Not exactly the most thrilling of quotes but it does show us that Microsoft has at least the launch month locked in.

There are no mentions of what handsets Microsoft will choose to launch its operating system or of course pricing. Softpedia alerted us to the accompanying video of the Windows Phone 7 demo which highlights a number of new features, we have embedded it below.

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