US iPhone 4 Shipping Date Slips Again, UK Remains Unchanged. AT&T At Fault?

US iPhone 4 Shipping Date Slips Again, UK Remains Unchanged. AT&T At Fault?

The iPhone 4 continues to dominate the headlines and in this case all the blame could again be put solely at one company’s feet: AT&T.

If you journey on over to the US Apple Store today you will notice that the shipping date for the iPhone 4 devices has been delayed yet again, from July 2nd to July 14th. Curious, you might think, yet the additional delay in shipping has yet to change at least on the UK Apple Store – it still shows July 2nd.

We are going to do the math and suggest that the delays are limited to just the US (for the time being), stir in some speculation and suggest that because the device is not sold unlocked instead limited to one carrier in the US, the much loved AT&T, the catalog of errors has come back to bite Apple and AT&T on its ass.

US Apple Store

UK Apple Store

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, iPhone 4 pre-orders made via Apple’s website in the UK are only for unlocked handsets, if customers want a subsidized device they need to pre-order via a specific carrier’s website. Only Orange has released its pricing and tariffs but when o2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tesco and Three release its pricing details the same frustration could be felt by UK customers.

We don’t expect demand for the iPhone 4 to falter anytime soon, will delays continue even further into August?

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