Spirit Developer Brings Flash To The iPhone

Spirit Developer Brings Flash To The iPhone

Comex, the developer behind the popular Spirit jailbreaking tool, has today released a (poor quality) video showing Flash running natively on the iPhone.

We have seen Flash on the iPhone by way of the Smokescreen tool and the Cloud Browse app but nothing that can actively support Flash browsing and gaming. Comex’s demo video is of remarkably low quality (as is the case for nearly all videos supposedly demoing never before-seen features) but it is shown displaying the popular animation “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”:

The plugin is it’s preliminary stages at the moment and displays some runtime errors when displaying Flash content but it shows Flash on the iPhone cannot be far off from release. We will have to wait to see how the functionality is implemented and how much battery it will consume when it is used.

[H/T – GadgetsDNA]

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