Windows Phone 7 Handset Spotted Booting In Under 30 Seconds

Windows Phone 7 Handset Spotted Booting In Under 30 Seconds

With all of the news focusing on the launch of the HTC Evo 4G and the upcoming release of the iPhone 4, Microsoft hasn’t been too forthcoming with any new information of its own, understandably so.

Today we came upon a demo video uploaded to YouTube, first spotted by the team over at PocketNow, showcasing just how quickly the the Windows Phone 7 operating system starts from a cold boot on an LG prototype (the LG Panther) – loading from blank screen to home screen in just 30 seconds.

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The LG prototype is thought to be packing a 1GHZ Snapdragon processor and we are sure that Microsoft and associated handset vendors will fine-tune both hardware and software to get the loading time down before Windows Phone 7’s official launch.

It’s a shame the device and the operating system doesn’t get any extra screen-time, Microsoft looks to keeping its cards close to its chest. We will know more once development units start making their way to Windows Phone 7 developers.

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