Skype for iPhone Finally Allows 3G Calls, Free For A Limited Time

Skype for iPhone Finally Allows 3G Calls, Free For A Limited Time

Skype 2.0 has hit the App Store, bringing with it one its most requested features fully baked in. For months, iPhone users have complained about the restriction of not being able to make outgoing Skype calls over a 3G connection, that has now changed.

If you connect to iTunes via your iPhone or your desktop and visit the Skype app’s page, you will notice a few extra upgrades/improvements:

  • Call using your 3G connection. Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G are free until at least end of August 2010, after which there will be a small monthly fee (operator charges for data will still apply).
  • Near CD-quality sound for Skype-to-Skype calls using wideband audio (SILK codec) on iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iPod touch.
  • Enhanced call quality indicator.
  • Improved start-up time.
  • Fast access to the dial pad from iPhone home screen.

That’s right, you have until the end of August to make all the 3G calls you can, although when the app enables its paid option you will still be able to make 3G calls by way of third-party applications like Fring and Nimbuzz.

Some users have noted that Skype 2.0 will not function on a jailbroken handset (Skype had previously warned users that the app wasn’t supported on a jailbroken device) although it works well on my iPhone. If you have problems using Skype 2.0 you might be limited to the above mentioned apps anyway.

What do you think of Skype’s decision to charge for Skype 2.0? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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