Seesmic for iPhone Lands On The App Store

Seesmic for iPhone Lands On The App Store

Apple iPhone owners are now able to join their Android and Blackberry counterparts and enjoy the powerful social networking client Seesmic on their devices.

Launching today, Seesmic for iPhone brings with it Twitter, Facebook and support, allowing users to update a large number of social networks (MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn and more..) all at once. Making use of “spaces”, the apps allows the user to configure multiple Twitter accounts, access Facebook and accounts and create pages for saved searches and trending topics.

I took the chance to download the app this morning and I was quite impressed with how fast the application runs. When you first run the app, Seesmic for iPhone loads four “spaces” for you to set up all of your accounts, some may note it bears a resemblance to how TweetDeck for iPhone feels and operates.

The categorization of tweets in Seesmic for iPhone is pretty standard except for the addition of a “Retweets” button at the bottom of the timeline, giving the user the opportunity to view all of the Retweets by your followers. On a 3G connection, I was able to load 100 updates in a matter of seconds.

Seesmic for iPhone’s Facebook support is solid, loading your friends updates in a live feed, giving the option to “Like” or “Comment” on posts as well as adding your own status using the composer. Pictures, video and links are all suitably handled by the app.

Users can connect their Evernote and accounts to be able to save important tweets and track how their followers interact with links they post.

Overall its a very good start by Seesmic, there was only one tweak I noticed that the app might need – the introduction of a follow notification to let you know if you someone is following you.

Seesmic for iPhone is available for download on the App Store.

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