Microsoft Office on Windows Phone 7 Looks Incredible

Microsoft Office on Windows Phone 7 Looks Incredible

Microsoft has been criticised for its admission that some highly requested features will not be available when the new Windows Phone 7 handsets ship.

After watching these videos of Microsoft Office running on the operating system, you might be forced to put some of your differences aside.

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Two demonstrations of Microsoft’s Office suite have been posted to YouTube that demonstrate how easy it is for handset owners to create, add data and annotate documents. Another demo shows a seamless Email-to-Powerpoint editing process that may satisfy the naysayers who are unhappy with the lack of multi-tasking on future devices.

Here are the two videos:

Windows Phone 7 – Emails, Events and Schedule Integration

Windows Phone 7 Office HUB

What do you think? Does integrated Office support make the Windows Phone 7 operating system even more desirable?

[Source – Mobility Digest via Gizmodo]

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