Adobe sneaks Flash apps onto Apple and Android devices through the back door

Adobe sneaks Flash apps onto Apple and Android devices through the back door

Developers and consumers will view Apple and Android devices in a new light as demonstrations show how easy it will be to use existing Flash technologies to bring their creations to the popular mobile operating systems.

Currently, there are over 100 apps on the Apple App Store created by a small number of developers utilising Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and new Adobe Air private betas.

With these tools at their disposal, these developers have been able to modify and re-purpose their existing Flash code and export them as iPhone applications, as well as Android, Blackberry and other platforms in the coming months.

The beauty of the Adobe frameworks is that developers will no longer have to create three or four separate versions of their applications for different devices. For example, a useful tool within Flash Professional CS5 private beta called Packager for iPhone wraps projects as native apps, allowing easy submissions to the App Store.

It’s not known if the process will be different for other devices at this time.

It is thought that the release of the software will be a big boost for mobile gaming but will not be able to address the lack of Flash support within the browser. With the launch of the Apple iPad today and the rush to bring other tablets to market in the next few months, developers will be able to monetize and deploy apps across a multitude of different technologies with little or no extra work.

Both Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe Air are still in private beta so developers won’t be able to begin work on their Flash applications just yet. In the meantime, take a look at the video below and look at how Adobe are changing the way mobile apps are created.

[Source – Adobe Flash Platform Blog]

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