Constantly Connected Smartphone Owners, A Marketers Dream?

Constantly Connected Smartphone Owners, A Marketers Dream?

A report published by web analytics company Compete that focuses on how consumers interact with their smartphones has found that most smartphone owners are interacting with their handsets at all times throughout the day.

The report shows that the smartphone market has shifted from the business professional and into the daily lives of a whole range of consumers who have a need to be always connected and in control of their digital lives.

Conducted at the start of the year and polling 1,246 smartphone users, the survey noted that the primary use of smartphones was for personal productivity and entertainment. Over 74% of those surveyed indicated that they used their device for personal reasons using their smartphones while waiting in line or for an appointment, when out shopping or at home.

Compete included a chart, breaking down how much time throughout a day owners spent using their smartphone:

Smartphones are an emerging product in the overall handset market, comprising about 21% of the total mobile user base. The operating systems on these devices are constantly evolving, allowing the addition of third party applications by way of assorted application stores.

Armed with the knowledge that smartphone owners are engaging more and more with their phones; app developers, mobile marketing executives and handset vendors will surely realise the potential of mobile technology to deliver different types of information. Consumers also seem to be more willing to marketing information via their mobile phone, 36% of those surveyed interested in receiving grocery coupons and 26% interested in receiving movie theatre offers via their smartphone..

In the near future we can expect to see brands looking to capture consumer attention via mobile marketing, bringing new and innovative concepts to the millions of smartphone owners. They will need to get the backing of the major retailers if they wish to see any success, something that brands have failed to secure in the past.

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