Microsoft wants business users to stop using Windows 7

Microsoft wants business users to stop using Windows 7

Windows 7 is not even ten years old, and already it’s rapidly approaching the end of its supported life.

Now, perhaps with the aim of preventing it from endlessly limping on as Windows XP did, Microsoft Germany is encouraging business users to make the switch to a newer version of the operating system, claiming Windows 7 is no longer “fit” to be used in businesses.

Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft Deutschland, pulled no punches when he stated that Windows 7 “can no longer keep up with the increased security requirements” of the mid-2010’s.

“Windows 7 is based on long-outdated security architectures,” he added, before suggesting that corporate customers “transition to a modern operating system in time.”

As pointed out by The Register, the “in time” reference is to do with the impending sunsetting of Windows 7, where in 2020 it will cease to be supported by Microsoft, and lose even security updates.

But killing off Windows 7 is going to be an uphill battle. Like Windows XP, it’s got its share of enthusiastic users. It’s virtually ubiquitous in corporate environments, and at 48.34 percent, its usage share is nearly double that of Windows 10.

Then there’s the fact that Windows 7 powers sensitive and complicated industrial equipment – systems that you can’t just upgrade without running into serious compatibility issues.

If Microsoft is to avoid the debacle that was the discontinuation of Windows XP, it’ll take a lot more than a blog post.

Via The Register

Windows 7 Support endet in drei Jahren on Microsoft Deutschland

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