Microsoft just called Apple out on its silly ‘iPads are computers’ ad

A couple of weeks ago, Apple released an ad that implied the iPad could replace a real computer. We wrote about how silly a concept that is, at least in the iPad Pro’s current state. Here it is again, for reference:

Microsoft’s answer? An ad that basically says “Lol, no.”

It pokes fun at the obvious pain points for iPad users, like not having a USB port, not running desktop apps, and the fact that the iPad “just got a keyboard.”

There’s no denying you can get a lot done on an iPad Pro with the right apps and some dedication, but you could basically say that about the Galaxy Note 7 too. As of right now, it’s pretty obvious you’re better off with a Surface – or you know, a regular laptop or desktop – if you want to do serious work.

Your move, Apple.

Via The Verge

What's a computer? Just ask Cortana on Surface [YouTube]

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