Microsoft’s Surface Book commercial doesn’t do the product justice

After much fanfare this week, Microsoft has released its TV spot for the new Surface Book laptop. And it’s sort of a letdown.

The ad comes in two lengths: a full one-minute version and a 30-second edited clip. Both illustrate how the Surface Book could be used in real life, but it just doesn’t quite have the excitement that blew us all away during the epic keynote on Tuesday.

surface book ad
Replace that with a MacBook and no one would even notice.

And let’s point out the obvious, it’s a bit artsy and pretentiously Apple. The ad assumes most people saw the keynote and understood what makes the Surface Book unique, unlike the clip shown at the event which built the anticipation leading to the ultimate reveal: the screen is detachable!

I would have much preferred the style of Microsoft’s older commercials for the Surface: it’s informative or at least had the same kind of energy that was so present from Microsoft executives when they presented the product.

Sure, it’s just an ad, but for many it’ll be the first time they’ll have heard of a Surface Book. This could have been Microsoft’s time to wow – instead, it’s just another genetic laptop ad that we’ve already seen before.

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