The new Xbox One Elite comes with a 1TB SSHD and Elite controller

The new Xbox One Elite comes with a 1TB SSHD and Elite controller

The all-new Xbox One Elite Console, announced today, is for the most serious console gamers out there.


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It features a 1TB solid state hybrid hard drive and the new customizable Elite controller for $499 in the US. Microsoft says the new SSHD hard drive means you’ll get into games 20 percent faster than the original Xbox One console and it automatically optimizes games and apps to open faster.

The Xbox Elite controller allows gamers to customize the thumbsticks, directional pad and paddles for gamers to get the controller to their liking.

As for the console itself, it doesn’t appear to be visually any different than the previous version of the Xbox One and the only internal difference appears to be the slightly speedier hard drive.

Microsoft also announced a new ‘lunar white‘ version of the Xbox One controller which adds ‘improved grip texture’ and comes in white and gold for $64.99.


Xbox One Elite will be on sale in the US starting November 3. You can pre-order at the Microsoft Store now.

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