Microsoft has built its age-guessing bot into Bing image search

Microsoft has built its age-guessing bot into Bing image search

One of the most interesting bits out of last month’s Microsoft Build conference was the How Old robot that spread like wildfire on the Internet. In short, you upload a photo of anything that resembles a face, and the bot will attempt to guess the age and gender of the person identified using face-recognition technology.

Now, it appears the company has integrated this technology into its Bing image search, offering to guess the age of the person you’re searching for.

You can try this for yourself by searching for a person, then hover the image to see the #HowOldRobot tab. After clicking that tab, you’ll see the result along with a prompt to upload your own pic for funsies.

bing how old martin

While the age-guessing technology isn’t perfect (to say the least), it’s a neat integration for a bit of giggles on images you might never otherwise think to upload onto

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